Welcome to the Boston Yacht Club (BYC). To make your visit to the BYC as enjoyable as possible, whether you are a member, guest of a member, or a visiting skipper, there are some BYC house rules that we ask all to follow.


Due to parking limitations, members must be treated on a first come first served basis. Each car must pull as far forward as possible, leave the car unlocked and the keys in the car. At all times, members must follow the direction of the parking attendants. Guests or employees of members cannot park in the parking lot.

Dress Code and Demeanor

Members’ attire shall conform to good taste for a private club. Bathing suits, swim trunks and bare feet are not allowed anywhere in the club house or in the Gazebo area. Baseball caps or hats are prohibited inside the clubhouse.
Members and guests are expected to act like ladies and gentleman in dress, demeanor and language. No verbal or physical abuse of club employees will be tolerated.

Visiting Yachtsmen/women and Guests

The guest rules are designed for the purpose of extending the courtesies of the Club to visiting yachtsmen who are members of recognized yacht clubs and their guests and to permit members’ friends to occasionally enjoy the Club’s facilities. Guests may be introduced by phone call to the office of the club, or to the front desk for the purpose of making a reservation, or may be introduced by guest card or letter. Guests are subject to the By-Laws, and shall have the privilege of purchasing food and beverages and hiring rooms, subject to State Laws and House Committee Rules.
All yachtsmen/women, participating in a racing event sponsored in whole or in part by the Boston Yacht Club, are granted a guest Racing Membership in the Club during their time on the water from a reasonable time before the start until the completion of any post-race events.

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

Members, guests and their children are not to use cell phones at any dining table, bar, or other in-door area of the club. Such devices must be set to silent. There are several areas outside the club house to use cell phones if necessary. In addition, laptop computers and tablets are not to be used in the dining rooms.


All clubhouse charges will be to the members’ account. There will be no cash transactions for rooms, dining or bar. Cash may be accepted at private or other specific functions at the discretion of the House Committee and the Club Manager. Properly introduced guests will be issued a temporary card with which to charge purchases, which will be accumulated and applied to a guest’s account with a club having reciprocal agreement with the Boston Yacht Club, a nationally accepted credit card (VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS) or a member’s account. A $10 refundable deposit will be required for the temporary card. Hotel guests are required to present a credit card on registration.


Smoking of any kind is not permitted inside the club building or in any of the outdoor dining areas.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverages not purchased at the Boston Yacht Club are not to be consumed on the premises unless authorized by the Club Manager or the House Committee.
No one under the age of 21 years of age is allowed to consume alcoholic beverages on Club premises nor sit at the bar.


Pets, with the exception of handicap service dogs, are not allowed in the clubhouse at any time. Neither are they allowed in any outside area on BYC property where food is served. This includes all deck areas, gazebo, and tents. The only exception to this rule is that pets on a leash are permitted at the outdoor tables adjacent to the parking lot when accompanied/controlled by the member owner.

Members’ Employees/Contractors

It is understood that members may occasionally request that contractors or employees be given access to the club premises and launch service for the purpose of accessing the member’s boat. Members are requested to contact the waterfront to give the launch service permission to provide access to the member’s boat.