Photo By Eyal Oren

Carl Alberg

Our Race Committee boat, the Carl Alberg, is named after long time Marblehead resident and a pioneer in the ship building world. Carl designed 54 different makes of boats including; Pearson Yachts, Cape Dory’s, and the Alberg line of sailboats to name just a few. Carl and his wife were members of the BYC and he is credited with modernizing yacht design.


The patrol boat Irma, which moves the marks and makes the Race Committee look good is named in honor of Carl’s wife Irma Alberg, who lived on Chestnut Street till her passing in 1986.


Our other patrol boat and Race Committee boat for Frostbiting is named Pepper. This name is in honor of “Red” Smith, a long time Race Committee member. Red’s daughter Ginger, has been Secretary, Line Captain, Timer, and continues to be an active member of the race committee. Red’s donation of a patrol boat was much needed and appreciated. Over the years there have been several “Peppers” that have served as patrol boat. While the boats have changed, the name Pepper has continued.


There are four boats in our sonar fleet. Chancy was the name given to the Quigley’s family Lightning, named by Nancy as a combination of Charles & Nancy. Chancy is now one of our Junior Program’s teaching boats and a Charter boat for frostbiting and summer sailing at the BYC.


In 1956 Mort and Jane DeWolfe joined the Boston Yacht Club. Both of them served on the Race Committee from 1958 – 2000 (over 40years!). They were avid racers who over the years owned and raced Town Class, Herreshoff 12’s and an Alberg Typhoon, very successfully. In 1943 they bought their home on 10 Lee St Marblehead; so each of their boats was named TENLEE, - their address. Mort passed in 2000 and Jane in 2013. Their son Pete DeWolfe donated funds to the BYC to purchase a Sonar in memory of both of his parents. TENLEE is a race boat chartered in the winter by our frost biters, team raced on Thursday nights, and also raced in the Jackson Cup.


Another of our Sonar’s that is used for team racing, frostbiting and can be chartered to race is Valkyrie. Funds were raised in memory of Bill and Bev Douglass. Chris Boulter spear headed the campaign that was generously contributed to by a great number of people whose lives were touched by the Douglass’. These donations enabled the Club to purchase a race caliber Sonar which was named after Bill’s Etchells.


Two of our fleet’s names trace back to our Club’s Herreshoff connection.

The name Violet, which appears across the transom of one of our Sonars, came from Nathaniel Green Herreshoff, who designed the original Violet to beat his father. When he failed in his goal of beating his father, he blamed the boat, and smashed the half hull. Violet later proved to be a successful racing yacht for BYC’s Ebon Denton. Years later Nathaniel would recount that this was the vessel that taught him patience. Violet is also credited as being the “birthplace” of the BYC. For greater details of this story and to learn more of the connection between the Herreshoff’s and the Boston Yacht Club see Shanabrook’s book, The Boston.


The Charter Program received a donation a couple of years ago from Rick Fishkin, of a J22. The boat was recently renamed Kelpie. This was the name of a cat boat that JB Herreshoff, a founding member of the BYC, and his brother Nathaniel built together. In 1863 they took the boat to the Vineyard and soundly and repeatedly beat a prominent English businessman. The defeated sailor finally realized the only way to beat a Herreshoff boat was with another Herreshoff boat. He commissioned the boys to build him a 44 ft sail boat and this marked the official start of the Herreshoff boat building business. Kelpie and Violet both competed in the first regatta the BYC ever held and both vessels enjoyed long and successful sailing careers.


Ye Anciente and Secret order of Quiet Birdmen was founded in 1921 by World War one pilots. Our own Past Commodore Don Humphreys was the twenty second member of his regional hanger. His license plate, “QB 22” would often generate questions from people about what Quarter Back was it referencing or other incorrect assumptions as to its meaning. Don had many colorful answers to these questions; and on occasion would even tell people the real story. While the Club was in process of acquiring a new Race Committee patrol boat, monies were donated in Don’s name to upgrade the electronics and safety equipment for the boat. So it is in Don’s memory that this patrol boat is named, - QB22.


In the spring of 1989, Leo and Cile Johnson joined the BYC. They loved the club, and spent much of their time on their 33 foot Pearson, Phoenix. Leo served the club in many ways including two terms as Fleet Captain and always as a benefactor. Sadly, Cile died suddenly in the Fall of 2014 and Leo made a gift to the BYC requesting the Club do something in her memory that would “benefit our sailing heritage and our younger members.” The perfect addition to the BYC fleet was a 15’ Ribcraft coach boat named CILE. Our sailing instructors use the boat daily in our junior sailing program teaching sailing to our younger members.