Photo by Eyal Oren
The Boston Yacht Club is a great community for people interested in all aspects of boating to get together! It is a private club and we rely on the good sponsorship of friends to keep our standards of excellence in membership.

Currently, there are a couple of levels of membership: Regular and Auxiliary

Regular membership enables members to enjoy all aspects of the club from the restaurant to the launches and waterfront; to using the clubs sailboats to go for an afternoon sail and have a place to park during any activity.
Regular membership is divided into 3 age groups with differing dues for the younger folk! It carries a higher commitment with an entrance fee and annual dues.

Auxiliary membership is an annual commitment with no entrance fee. There are no voting or waterfront rights (i.e. use of launch or docks) associated with the membership. Auxiliary members do have full access to the restaurant, reciprocal dining agreement's with other clubs, parking and all other non-waterfront related activities.

The process of joining is to have current members sponsor and second you and also present several letters of recommendation. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to collect the letters and address any questions on the candidate’s behalf to the Membership chair.